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BioSpawn ExoRibbon 10” Worm

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A good ribbon tail worm is an essential part of every tackle box and the BioSpawn ExoRibbon Worm offers top shelf performance that consistently puts fish in the boat during any time of the year. Molded with BioSpawn’s signature jointed exoskeleton and a fluttering ribbon tail, the BioSpawn ExoRibbon Worm displaces a generous amount of water to create a strong vibration that mimics the movements of fleeing prey to trigger aggressive strikes. It is also enhanced with BioScent that attracts even more bites and makes fish hold on longer, giving you more time to set the hook. Hop it, swim it, or drag it on any of your favorite techniques, the BioSpawn ExoRibbon Worm is one that you can always count on to get some bites.