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Berkley Tournament Cull Kit

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Culling bass is a cinch with the Berkley® Tournament Cull Kit. Floating T-handles on the markers make retrieving a fish quick and easy, and the convenient storage hanger puts the next marker at your fingertips. If desired, you can replace the metal through-jaw stringer clips with pinch-style conservation clips (included) for a no-tear solution. For maximum efficiency, color/number codes are calibrated to the Berkley 35-lb. Digital Scale (not included).
Manufacturer model #: BTTCMK8.

  • Makes tournament culling easy
  • Markers have floating T-handles for easy retrieval
  • Convenient storage hanger for unused markers
  • Comes with through-jaw stringer clips
  • Includes extra pinch-style conservation clips
  • Coded to match the 35-lb. Digital Scale (not included)