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Berkley Powerbait Water Bug

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Designed by finesse fishing expert and 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Michael “Ike” Iaconelli, the Berkley Powerbait Water Bug provides a very unique profile and action that will catch fish when nothing else can. Creating two different actions at once, the Berkley Powerbait Water Bug is molded with small side arms that subtly quiver even when dead sticking. It is also equipped with two scooped tail appendages that displace a great amount of water and generate a fluttering wave just like the fins of a baitfish. Its flat bottom allows it to glide through the water on the fall rather than just sink straight to the bottom as well. 

Made from a floating Powerbait material, the Berkley Powerbait Water Bug produces a perfectly horizontal presentation when rigged on a drop shot, as well as, lifts off the bottom when rigged on a Ned head for the ultimate finesse profile that will tempt bass into striking in the toughest conditions. Complete with a heavy dose of Powerbait scent and flavor, the Berkley Powerbait Water Bug is available in a wide selection of fish catching colors that were carefully developed by Mike himself.