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Berkley Powerbait Ca$h Cash Out Worm 3" 10pk

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Designed with the input of 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Skeet Reese, the Berkley Powerbait Ca$h Out Worm was made to ensure you put more fish in the boat and cash more checks. Perfect for those times when the fishing is tough and you need to downsize your offering to trigger bites, the Berkley Powerbait Ca$h Out Worm features a small baitfish profile with heavy ribbing along the bottom to displacement a high amount of water despite its small size. It also features a rudder style tail that allows to track straight in current and produce subtle swimming action that looks too good for bass not to bite it. 

Originally made for fishing on small jigheads for a perfect Ned rig presentation, the Berkley Powerbait Ca$h Out Worm is extremely versatile and works extremely well on a drop shot, split shot, or even a small Carolina-rig. It is also infused with Powerbait’s super strong scent and flavor that attracts more bites and makes fish hold on up to 18x longer so you have more time to set the hook. Available in a selection of colors created by Skeet himself, the Berkley Powerbait Ca$h Out Worm will become an essential part of your tournament arsenal.